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**** UPDATED JUNE 2014 ****

How long have you been working on the film and when will it be finished?
The film has been in process since Spring 2004, that is to say 10 years, at this point in June 2014.  Life and bills to pay notwithstanding, work on the film continues apace. 

The entire project has been much more challenging than expected at the outset.  Nevertheless, I am as committed to completing the film as I have ever been - or more so, if that's possible.  The film will be completed.

How can I contact Weiser Films?
Go to the Contact Us page, please be sure to include your name and e-mail address, enter your message in the 'Comment' field and click 'Send'.  You will receive an automated message acknowledging your 'Comment'.

Can I purchase a copy of the documentary film about fiddle music and Weiser on Weiser Films.com?
Yes, eventually, but not until it's done and available on DVD.  In the meantime, please join our e-mail list to receive our Newsletter and updates on the progress of the film and other information.  And, please visit our Film Shop and consider purchasing a Weiser Films Fiddle T-Shirt.  Your purchase helps support the making of this 100% independent documentary film.

How can I submit my link to the Weiser Films Links page?
If you have or know of other websites likely to be of interest to our audience which are not listed on our Links page, we would love to consider adding them.  Please go to the Contact Us page and use the 'Comment' field to submit the website address(es) and any relevant info you may have.  If you own or control the site, please be sure to provide your contact information.

How do I receive the Weiser Films Newsletter via e-mail?
Future editions of the Weiser Films Newsletter are available to everyone on our e-mail distribution list.  Join the e-mail today using the two boxes displayed on the upper left of most pages on this site.  Upon submitting your e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail message asking you to confirm your subscription to the list by clicking on a link within the message.

You also may receive future editions of the Weiser Films Newsletter by registering on www.weiserfilms.comRegistration on the site requires your e-mail address and name and offers you the opportunity to provide more information if you choose.

Go to our User Registration or Login page, enter the required information and click 'Submit' to complete your registration.  Please see our Privacy Policy for more on the information we collect.

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What is the National Oldtime Fiddlers' Contest® and Festival?
The National Oldtime Fiddlers' Contest® and Festival ('NOTFC') is a weeklong fiddle and music event held every year in the third full week of June in Weiser, Idaho.  For more information, visit the NOTFC websiteWeiser Films, LLC is not affiliated with the National Oldtime Fiddlers' Contest® and Festival.

Where can I find more information on fiddle contests, fiddle festivals and fiddle association?
Updated periodically, the Weiser Films Links page includes links to over 140 fiddle contests and festivals in over 40 states, and 6 Canadian provinces, and contests in England, Scotland, and Australia.

AND links to 48 State and Regional Fiddle Associations in over 25 states, another 18 fiddle associations in 8 Canadian provinces, and 7 fiddle associations in England, Scotland and Australia.

Where is Weiser and what else is there to do?
For those who know and love the National Oldtime Fiddlers' Contest® and Festival, Weiser is in their hearts and minds most of the time.  For them and everyone else, Weiser is about 75 miles northwest of Boise, Idaho, by way of Interstate I-84 and U.S. Highway 95.  Weiser is also accessible from I-84 via S.R. 201 and from the North via U.S. Highway 95.

These websites have lots of good info, including stuff to do:  City of Weiser, Weiser Chamber of Commerce, Illustrious Onionskin Players, Washington County, Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum, Official Idaho Travel and Tourism Guide, Official Idaho Travel and Tourism Guide, SW Idaho Region, Southwest Idaho Travel Association, and the State of Idaho.

Another source for information on the Weiser, Idaho area which we recommend is the Friends of the Weiser River Trail website.  Extending 84 miles through the central, western part of Idaho, the Weiser River Trail is built along an historic and defunct railroad bed.  According to the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, it is the longest trail in Idaho.

Where is Idaho?
The State of Idaho is in the northwest United States, bounded:  to the West by the states of Washington and Oregon; to the South by Nevada and Utah; to the East by Wyoming and Montana; and to the North by the Canadian province of British Columbia.  Visit the websites of the Official Idaho Travel and Tourism Guide and the State of Idaho for more information.

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What is your payment policy for purchases?
We use PayPal™ as our secure payment processor to enable us to accept payments from you, including direct credit card payments, for your purchases.  You do not need to join PayPal™ to make a purchase using your major credit card.  We will share personal information you provide to us with PayPal™ in order to validate the information, assess the risks of your payment, or confirm the existence or status of your PayPal™ account.  We recommend you visit the PayPal™ website at www.paypal.com and review that company's privacy policy.

What is your delivery policy for purchases?
Our primary method of shipment is U.S. Postal Service.  At this time, Weiser Films ships only to addresses in the United States.  We do not accept international orders.  Shipping and handling is added to the purchase price at $3.95 per Fiddle T-Shirt.  Please allow 14 days from the time you place an order until the time you receive your merchandise (we're usually quicker, though).  We will send you an e-mail to notify you when your order has shipped.

What is your return policy purchases?
You may return new, unworn, unwashed merchandise within 30 days of delivery for a refund of the purchase price or for exchange.  We do our best to ensure our products are free of any manufacturing defects, so we will gladly accept any defective items back for full returns or exchanges.  We will pay the return shipping costs if the return or exchange is a result of our error and is return shipped via U.S. Postal Service Parcel Post.  COD returns will not be accepted.

If a return is not a result of our error, we cannot credit shipping and handling charges or pay for return shipping.  We cannot accept items for refund or exchange after 30 days from delivery.  Please note, it takes 7 to 10 business days to process returns once we receive them.  Weiser Films.com does not accept returns of the following merchandise:  any item that has been worn or washed or shows obvious signs of use; any item not returned in the condition in which it was received.

Can I cancel an order?
If you wish to cancel an order, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible through the Contact Us page.  You may be able to cancel your order before it has shipped.  Please include your Order Number (included on the e-mail receipt sent to you) in the 'Comment' field.  You will receive an automated acknowledgement of your 'Comment'.  If you have cancelled your order by this method and it was successfully cancelled, you will receive a second separate e-mail message stating the order has been cancelled.  Once your order has been shipped, it is no longer possible for us to cancel it.

What if I have further questions about my order?
If you have questions about an order you have made or are considering making, please submit your questions to us through the Contact Us page.  We'll do our best to answer your questions and will strive to resolve any problems quickly and to your satisfaction.

What is the Weiser Films Player Of The Month?
Many individuals, musicians and non-musicians alike, have contributed to what fiddling and Weiser are today.  While some are widely acknowledged in the fiddling world, many others have yet to receive the recognition their dedication and hard work deserve.  Weiser Films.com will each month name one such individual the Weiser Films Player Of The Month.

What is the Weiser Blog?
The Weiser Blog includes comments and updates and posts on all the fiddle contests and events for which we have information.  It also includes comments on a whole bunch of other stuff, regardless of fiddle content or potential lack thereof.

Can I post a comment in response to the Weiser Blog?
Yes, but first you need to become a Registered User on the site.  Please see our Privacy Policy for more on the information we collect.

What is a 'blog' anyway?
You know, beats the heck outta us!  But just about every time we pick up a newspaper or read an e-mail or check out a website, there's someone going on and on and on about some 'blog' or other.  As far as we can tell, it's a sort of contraction of the words 'web log'.  Go figya.

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