The Weiser Films Player Of The Month

Many individuals, musicians and non-musicians alike, have contributed to what Weiser and fiddling are today.  While some are widely acknowledged in the fiddling world, many others have yet to receive the recognition their dedication and hard work deserve.

Beginning sometime in 2008, Weiser Films.com will feature one such individual each month.  As each new Player is named, profiles of previous Players will be listed in our Player Of The Month Archive.

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Ruel Teague, guitar and harmonica, Burns, OR, photo
Potential Player Of The Month?  (Thanks to Ruel Teague, Burns, Oregon.)

What will the Player Of The Month announcement look like?  See a rough, mock-up version by clicking the ‘demo’ version of the Player Archive and then clicking a ‘demo’ Player.

Sample a demo MP3 file – like Hell Amongst The Yearlings (thanks to Tony Ludiker, five-time Weiser Grand National Champion).

Check out the other downloads in each demo 'Player Of The Month' profile.

Like to nominate a future Player Of The Month?  (Who, afterall, are these under-appreciated??)  Send an e-mail with details to newsletter@weiserfilms.com.

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Thanks for your interest and support.

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