The Music

What is the music one plays and hears at Weiser?
Is it 'old-timey'?  'Texas style'?  'Contest style'?  How about 'bluegrass'?  Or 'swing' or even 'jazz'?  How do you describe it?

Where does the music at Weiser come from?  Why do the musicians there study and play it with such focus and passion?  Are you a musician, student or fan of the music at Weiser?  All three?

Paul Anastasio, swing fiddler, Seattle, WA, photo
Fiddler Paul Anastasio, student of many styles (that's mom, listening!).

Send us your thoughts and observations on the music of Weiser.  We seek an informed - perhaps impassioned - discussion of the music at the heart of what Weiser means to the many people who participate year after year, decade after decade, even generation after generation.

Or, is the music heard at Weiser not to your taste?  We'd like to hear about that, too.  We'll post comments in 2008 to get the discussion going.

Please e-mail your thoughts to:  themusic@weiserfilms.com.

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Gary Lee Moore, oldtime fiddler, Seattle, Wa, photo
Fiddler (and tenor guitarist) Gary Lee Moore at Seattle's NW Folklife 2006.

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